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Any time in sports, when the two top rated teams face off, it's cause for excitement. Champions League soccer enthusiasts are going to get just that on June 3, as top ranked Juventus will take on Real Madrid for the title. To prove the point that this is a going to be a great match, initial Juventus vs Real Madrid betting forecasts have posted 9 to 4 odds the match could end deadlocked in a draw.

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For those who enjoy a good Champion's League wager, it's time to delve into what's Juventus vs Real Madrid betting odds. Here's some game analysis to help make sense of the Juventus vs Real Madrid betting odds heading into the big match.

Bet Juventus Real Madrid

Juventus Real Madrid betting enthusiasts will remember that this rivalry goes back over 50 years. It all started at the European Champions Clubs Cup quarterfinals in 1962. These two squads would not face off in another championship match for nearly a quarter century, playing the round of 16 in 1987. Nearly another decade would pass before the rivalry began to intensify in 1996 with their second Champions quarterfinal match. Two years later Juventus and Real Madrid would meet in the finals for the first time.

Since 2000, the two teams have gone head-to-head in the Champions League five times, with Juventus ousting Real Madrid most recently during the semifinals in 2015. 2015 was the only time in the past 4 seasons Real Madrid has not played in the final. This year will mark a rematch of the 1998 championship final. Now for some information on this year's Juventus vs Real Madrid betting tips

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Juventus vs Real Madrid Betting 2017

The Juventus vs Real Madrid betting line is going to revolve around some important factors. Real Madrid may have one of the strongest lines on paper in the history of Champions League soccer, but Juventus is still the odds on favorite heading into the match. Bet Juventus Real Madrid betting projections point to a few different game factors that will determine the outcome in what is guaranteed to be a tight match.

Defense Will Be a Key

No Juventus Real Madrid betting 2017 strategy can forget possibly the most important aspect of this match. Juventus doesn't actually rely on the old school soccer theory of catenaccio, but they do employ something similar.

Juventus has used the tactic of keeping the opposition so focused on the offensive side of their game plan, that it steals opportunities score. While the old idea is that if the opponent doesn't score they can't win is true, if the opponent is also too busy trying to stop the other team from scoring, they're also not producing goals works.


Keep Them Guessing

Massimiliano Allegri is a great coach; no one can dispute that fact. The 49-year-old Italian puts his players in situations that frequently force them play outside of their own comfort zone. Strikers and midfielders bear increased responsibility when they don't have the ball and it gives them an almost uncanny eagerness to defend.

Allegri changes players to meet situations, essentially keeping the opposition guessing. It has worked all season; so don't expect it to change in the final. In their win over Monaco, Allegri changed systems five times to produce a 2-0 shutout.

Anyone searching for Juventus vs Real Madrid betting tips must account for the artful deception employed by the Juventus coach. There aren't any odds on how many game-changing calls he'll make, other than a guarantee it will happen.

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Testing Their Metal

Every sport has their icon superstar and Champions League soccer is no different. Cristiano Ronaldo is that superstar. No one doubts the talent of arguably the best player in the world, but for all his astounding on the field accomplishments, he hasn't dominated any of the championship finals he has participated. He's been almost an afterthought to be honest.

Bookmakers may have failed to consider the impact of personal motivation. All great sports players have a desire to prove their metal on the biggest stage. The Juventus vs Real Madrid betting line still has Juventus as a slight favorite in spite of the fact one of the most prolific soccer players in the world may be due for a stellar championship performance.

Juventus vs Real Madrid Betting Odds

No final decision should fail to consider that never has a team been able to repeat for back-to-back Champions League titles. A wager on Real Madrid to repeat must consider that for some reason no team has been able to win a repeat championship.

However, with the amount of talent on their roster, if there ever has ever been a team primed to take the Coupe des Clubs Champions Européens in back-to-back seasons it may be Real Madrid. A Real Madrid victory would help cement the world's greatest player and maybe the world's greatest team ever. The soccer world will find out on June 3rd.