Background Checks

Local League Background Check Information

Before You Begin

Before beginning the background process, which must be completed annually on all new and returning individuals prior to the individual assuming his/her duties for the current season you need to understand who needs to be checked and how the background check should be completed. It should be noted that all those individuals that meet the requirement of regulation I(c) 8 need to be checked and is not limited to just coaches.

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Some questions to ask before you begin:

  1. Are we doing all of the background checks that are required? It does not matter who was checked last year – background checks must be performed on an annual basis.
  2. How many managers/coaches do we have per team 2 or 3?
  3. How many additional people are helping at practices as practice coaches?
  4. How many umpires are being checked?
  5. How many board members?
  6. How many parent(s) are assisting teams in various capacities?
  7. Do we have other positions in the league like equipment manager, field maintenance, scorekeeper, and/or announcer?
  8. Once you answer these questions you should come up with 5 to 6 people per team as an average number of people per league that require background checks.